Want to blame someone for Obamacare, blame republican and democrat congressman and senators and GOP Taliban state legislators

8982-figure-2Republicans and democrats in the US congress and red state GOP Taliban legislators are responsible for Obamacare’s failure in some segments of the population.

Obamacare failed for middle-class people whose rates were jacked up and their deductibles mercilessly cut. Why? Because insurance companies contributed large sums to republican and democratic congressman and senators’ reelection campaigns to prevent the reform of health insurance. That simple.

Obamacare brought reforms in healthcare that hurt many small medical clinics and doctors, especially those doctors that deliver primary care. It was a perceived a necessity because the country was bankrupted by the $6 Trillion wasted on the Iraq war and the $2 Trillion to bail out the banks after the mortgage crisis. Otherwise, healthcare reforms could have been postponed and the disruption small clinics and doctors suffered could have been postponed and implemented without damaging their practices and careers.

The senate and congress did; however, postpone reforming the industry because, well, they like money and power. Reelection always takes a back seat to doing the right thing. Instead of reforming the insurance industry, I will not mention the options, just emphasize that with the shift to universal basic healthcare, insurance reform was necessary.

Fourteen or fifteen states, for the most part where Taliban GOP legislators controlled the state government refused to pass the Medicare expansion and in so doing, denied the working poor access to healthcare. States like Alabama, Georgia, Florida. IF you do not know what Medicare Expansion is, it is a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare by which the Federal government funded 90% of the costs to expand Medicare to cover the working poor. The legislators in these states acted without a conscience.

If you were hurt by Obamacare, do not blame President Obama, blame the US senate and congress for their failure to reform the health insurance industry and the GOP Taliban state legislators for refusing to pass the Medicaid Expansion.

I should note that none of the federal or state legislators are affected by Obamacare, because they have Cadillac healthcare plans that are exempt from the taxes paid by wealthy people for their luxury healthcare.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has published much obective information about the ACA. http://kff.org/health-reform/poll-finding/kaiser-health-tracking-poll-future-directions-for-the-aca-and-medicaid/

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