A writers temptation with Donald Trump

temptation of trumpA first hand account of the Trump Effect: Tempted by the devil of analytics to write about Trump

Google Trends tells the truth; Trump got more coverage by not attending last night’s debate than all the candidates put together. The search interest chart of the GOP candidates caused me to look up the analytics of my own postings. The reason for the nation’s interest in Donald Trump hit me like an epiphany. Writers can’t resist the temptation to write about Trump.

A single short post I wrote about Trump brought 5 times my average readership. Trump in a headline attracts more readers than putting Tim Cook, Elon Musk Steve Jobs, electric vehicle, Apple and Tesla all in the same headline.

My brain jumped to mental comparisons of the web results of a Trump story run with the digital publishers for whom I write: IDG, Fast Company, Quartz, TechCrunch…There’s always an angle that can be drawn. For all those eyeballs I could draw one between Trump and technology.

I regained control when I started to write an email to one of my editors pitching a Trump story. Steadied by my close call I reminded myself that politics isn’t my professional domain; I decided to live without Trump.

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